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Birthdate:Mar 30
Vyvyan is in his early twenties, with an orange mohawk hairstyle and four silver stars embedded in his forehead. He's quite tall, about six foot.

Vyv is the most destructive of the Young Ones; a medical student who lives with fellow students Neil, Rick and Mike, Vyvyan likes to practice a combination of 'psychology and extreme violence'. He has two main moods; destructive and not. When not destructive, he can hold civilised, sensible and even, almost sensitive conversation. He is capable of sitting down and watching television or playing a board game. He becomes destructive when angry or bored.

Special notes
Vyvyan is practically indestructible, and possesses near superhuman strength at times (e.g. when pushing over walls or lifting Neil over his head). He is rarely hurt, and can heal just about anything with a scene change.

Vyv has a tendency to smash people over the head with things on a routine basis (because in his world it doesn't really hurt). For the sake of avoiding a. bad injuries, b. lots of cell time and c. mass destruction of property anything Vyvyan hits your character with will be a theatrical prop cunningly placed in his range (i.e. will have Bar give him stage plates, bottles of wine, etc, and if he brings in the cricket bat the same applies). In short, it will hurt about as much as being hit with a piece of cardboard or, at worst, a cushion.

If for some random reason you would like your character hit with a real plate, let me know, we'll let him get one XD.

On occasion, inanimate objects around Vyvyan may sing or comment.

From an earlier mini plot, Vyvyan is the father of triplets with the devil; Aaron, Benjamin and Gabriel, of whom he has rather minimal input or custody.

In bar Character development update:
After doing time for the accidental killing of Wilford Warfstache (violence in link), Vyv has discovered a new form - if he doesn't change scene for a number of days, he is able to get cleaner and look more normal. He can only maintain this for as long as he remembers not to change scene. Clean!Vyv is a little bit more sane than regular Vyv, but just a little less superhuman. Killing him outright resets him back to his usual form.

Vyvyan is from The Young Ones, and is the property of the BBC. He/she appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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