Nov. 28th, 2016

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"What the ruddy hell happened to your hair?" Rick scoffs, when Vyvyan comes back into the squat. Vyv blinks for a moment, then remembers - holding off the scene change is getting to be a better habit but the guys have never seen him looking even remotely clean before.

"I washed it." he says, climbing over a pile of rubbish.

"You look like a girl." Rick says.

"Well you look like a turd." Vyv says back. "Where's Mike?"

He looks around the derelict pub. It was abandoned before they took shelter in it - sadly, without any booze left - and it's only got dirtier since. Neil doesn't even bother trying to clean it any more. There wasn't much in the way of proper furniture left when they moved in, and there's no central heating. Since it got colder, they've all just slept in what used to be the bar, which has a fireplace. Vyv really has the best 'bed', on top of the broken pool table, and that was only because he cheated at Monopoly.

"He's upstairs, probably got a dirty magazine." Rick says. "Why?"

"Because I want to talk to him, and I don't want you listening behind the door." Vyvyan says, marching up the stairs. Half way up, Neil is sitting with his head in his hands. Vyv doesn't bother to ask why, but he doesn't hit him over the head with anything either.

Mike isn't actually masturbating when Vyv goes into his room without knocking, which is something of a relief.

"Mike, I'm fed up." he says, sitting down on Mike's floor.

"What happened to your hair?" Mike asks.

"I'm trying not to scene change." Vyvyan says. He explains what happened in the Bar - a place Mike knows about - and what happened when he didn't change scene for a week.

"You're playing with fire, Vyvyan." Mike says. "You do realise that if you don't scene change, you're probably going to age?"

"I can't do this any more, Mike." Vyvyan says. "I'm fed up with the filth."

"Who says you have a choice?" Mike demands. "We're all in this together Vyvyan. And you generate more mess than the rest of us anyway."

Mike is looking at him with caution. This isn't unusual, given that they have been quite aware for - nobody is quite sure how many years - that Vyvyan is clinically insane and fluctuates between manic and risk-taking and lethargic and destructive.

"I've got a job interview." Vyv says after a moment. "For the Underground. I need to be clean."

"They're not letting you drive are they?"

"No no, customer service." Vyv says. "They need someone to tell people to piss off."

"Does sound up your street." Mike admits. "But Vyv, we can't change what we are. You don't know what will happen. If you stop scene changing, you might not be invulnerable any more."

"Don't tell the others." Vyvyan says. "If I can earn our way out of this squat I'll bring you with me."

He grimaces slightly as he says this. They aren't exactly his favourite people, but Mike has a point. They are all trapped in the same cycle of never-ending scene changes. It probably makes sense to stick together.

"We could do with the money, but be careful." Mike admits.

Vyv goes to his room, to look for something to wear for the job interview. Nothing suitable. Nothing clean.

He goes back to the main room. Mike, Rick and Neil look up as he comes down the stairs.

"Rick, I need to borrow some of your clothes." he says.

"Why?" Rick asks, suspiciously.

"I'm going on a date." Vyv says, marching back up the stairs, going into Rick's room and slamming the door.

There's no way to wash the clothes, and they don't really fit well, but they're vaguely more appropriate than his. Rick is hammering on the door, so he smashes the window with his head, climbs out, and drops down. He hasn't got a coat on, and it's raining. He hasn't got enough money for the bus. He turns Rick's collar up against the rain, and slopes off down the street.

"I think he's lost it." Rick says, going back downstairs. "And he bloody well better not stretch my jacket!"

"What are we going to do?" Neil wails.

"It's simple." Mike says. "He's gone funny because he's not scene changed. So we need to make him do a total reset."

"How?" Neil asks.

"Simple. We kill him." Mike says, casually. "And then he'll come back how he was."

"Bagsy I not be the one that has to try and kill him." Neil says, shuddering not at the thought of Vyv dying, but the thought what he'd do if they did half a job.

"I already said double bagsy." Rick says. "While you were on the stairs. Mike you have to kill him."

"Oh now I can't kill him, look at the size of me." Mike says. "Be reasonable Rick, he's a foot taller than me."

"Yeah, but you've got a gun." Rick says.

"It only shoots blanks, you know that." Mike shakes his head.

They argue for several more minutes about who has to kill Vyvyan, before collectively giving up on the idea, and going to find more scraps of furniture to burn in the fireplace.


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