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After talking to Jim, Vyvyan goes home, makes his way straight to his room, and shuts the door.

It's a horrible little room, barely the size of a large cupboard. With only one of them working, it was hard to find anything for four people. He could, of course, have ditched the other three, but something Mike had urged him before had made him decide against it.

They are, as far as they knew, the only four of their kind.

Mike had freaked out when Vyvyan had started trying not to scene change, trying not to reset back to his usual insane self. He'd said whatever was behind their resetting powers, it probably wasn't to be messed with. Vyvyan had been forced to admit that Mike might be right, and had allowed himself to scene change when his powers started to weaken, at very least every couple of weeks, though more often it happened because he forgot to concentrate.

Jim has just made him realise something else.

He was a kid once. Of course he was. They all were. But at some point, he must have stopped being a kid, and become a perpetually resetting young adult. Not only that, but all the super strength, and being basically invulnerable, he didn't have any of those as a child.

If you suddenly developed superpowers, wouldn't you remember it?

He goes to nick some paper from the room that Rick and Neil are sharing. As the only one paying the rent, he was adamant that he wasn't going to be the one that shared. But his writing isn't good enough to put down enough words of what he's thinking, so he goes downstairs to find Mike.


"What?" Mike asks.

"Where did we meet?"

Mike stares at him. "What are you on about?"

"Where did we meet?" Vyvyan asks. "It's just... I don't remember us ever meeting. I remember us going to the first house together, but I don't remember us ever going 'Hello, my name is Vyvyan' and all that shit."

"We were probably drunk." Mike says.

Oh. Yeah. Actually that could be a point.

But that doesn't quite make sense either. Could he have been drunk enough to forget ever having even applied to university.

Mike is staring at him. "You ill or something? You look a bit queasy."

He does feel a bit queasy. Suddenly realising a chunk of your memory is missing will do that to a man.

He doesn't get any more sense out of Neil or Rick as to how they met. Rick just babbles on about being dropped off at the house by his parents with all his stuff and them kissing him goodbye and everything being one incredible party. Neil just tells him how much of a dark shadow was over his life back then and he can't specifically remember.

Half an hour later, Vyvyan heads back to the bar, and goes straight to his man cave. Fortunately, the video camera Teja gave him was not one of the things that got nicked when he was robbed, though that makes no sense to him.

He starts a new video and faces the camera.

He hesitates for a moment, then says.

"I need to record this. There is a gap in my memory.

"I grew up with my mum like a normal kid, with no super powers. Well, I say normal, we didn't really have anything and I was on my own a lot and... well, I remember just fine until I was about fifteen or sixteen, and then at some point, I got taken into care and..."

He pauses the video for a moment, thinking, then presses record again.

"I went into a couple of foster homes, not for very long, and then I ran away back to Mum's for a bit, and then they tried to take me into care again, and then there's this gap. I remember moving into the house with the others, but I don't remember applying to university... I mean, I can barely read and write, how did that even happen?"

He rubs his forehead, coming into contact with the studs in his forehead.

"I... I don't even remember getting these. How can you get a bunch of piercings and not remember?"

He pauses the camera again and just sits quietly thinking for a moment. Then he presses the button one more time.

"There's only three explanations I can think of. Either I can't remember because I'm mad, or I can't remember because I had an accident, or I can't remember because someone wiped my memory. But whatever it was it seems to have happened to all four of us, except for some reason I have more strength powers than the rest of them."

He turns the camera off. What's the use of this? Where can he even start to try and find out what happened?

It's all too much.

He gets the half bottle of vodka he's got tucked away in a corner and lies down on the blanket in the corner. This is still a better bed than he's got at home, and at least the little orange guys clean it for him if he takes it inside.

But it's of minimal comfort. He just doesn't know what to do.