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It was almost liberating. For a whole week, he didn't change scene. Nobody bothered to visit. Nobody was watching. Perhaps, if he'd pushed himself, he could have forced a scene change, but why bother?

It meant the smell didn't come back when he bathed, after the first couple days. His hair unstiffened. His skin felt better. It was a surprise when, after four days, the studs fell out of his forehead, but he didn't care.

Alone, Vyvyan pondered his future. It was boring in the cell.

And then, it was all over. Released. Wilford is alive. He'd never been more relieved.


He has to muster every ounce of concentration not to change scene when he steps out the cell. If he's going to stay looking like this, he'll have to concentrate in every doorway, between every room. Sooner or later he will forget, he knows, but he's determined not to do it today.

He deposited a note at the bar.

I know you came back, but I want to apple aplogy say sorry for causing your death. It was an accident, but I was careless, because I knew that you reset if you get hurt, and because I was bored and winding you up was funny.
I should have been more simplethetic, really. I know what it's like to reset every five minutes to look like a knobhead. We're probly the only two of our kind here, which doesn't mean we should be like poofs or anything, but perhaps if I hadn't been a bully we could have been mates or something.
Anyway, you're not dead, well done.

Now what? Young, clean, normal-looking, only slightly insane... where to go next?

He concentrates, heads outside, and lights a cigarette. Maybe he'll have to give these up if he's not going to reset. Probably worth it.
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Wilford likes that fear. It means he's finally in charge of this situation.

"That all?" he asks.

Surely Vyvyan can do better than that.
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Wilford considers the offer, taking enough time to almost make it seem like he'll accept it.

"Nah," he says suddenly.

He fires off two rounds, barely flinching. Only after, does he let go of Vyvyan's shirt, waiting to see if another round or two might be needed to actually put him down.
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"Now we're even," Wilford says, just before firing the remaining four rounds. One is probably all it would take, but he wants to be damn sure.

For the first time in a long time, Wilford feels calm.
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Well, that was a bit odd, but not the strangest thing Wilford's seen this week.

Confident that he's done what he came here to do, he puts the gun back into his inventory and walks inside. His resets don't work like Vyvyan's. He can't just walk through a door, or concentrate really, really hard. So he's still got Vyvyan's blood on him as he walks to the bar. Any illusions of normality have been long-shattered, and Wilford doesn't care enough to try to build them back up. Taking a damp towel offered to him from Bar, he very calmly cleans himself up as best as he can, writing his blood-stained shirt off as a loss. It's a fair price to pay, he thinks.

Rather than going home to hide, he stays where he is, enjoying a calm drink in blissful silence.
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-- Of course Atton would happen across Vyvyan's body.

Of course.

He doesn't even have to ask who did this.

But his senses are sharp enough for him to hear the pulse even without listening for it, so he crouches down, tugs back his sleeve, and holds one glowing hand over Vyvyan.
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"I know better to ask who did this. Stop by the infirmary, get a doctor to check you out. Use meat tenderiser and toothpaste to get the blood out."

Vyvyan seems fine, so he straightens up and starts heading back towards the bar.
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"Noted," Atton says, without slowing down.