stuck_mynock: (This is very confusing.)
Atton Rand ([personal profile] stuck_mynock) wrote in [personal profile] vyvyan 2016-10-26 09:44 pm (UTC)

"So," Atton says cheerfully, leading Wilford towards the cells. "The tragic tale of Ro-Man. Ro-Man was a gorilla with a gun for an arm. Ro-Man liked to break the rules over and over again, and kept trying to kill people. Ro-Man ended up celled up forever, until one day he just wasn't here anymore."

Atton waves Wilford into a cell.

"Eight nights, and I'm being lenient because you knew Vyvyan would come back, and because you failed," he says. "But if I have to cell one of you for attempted or semi-successful murder again, you'll have to find another Security member to let you out. Throw yourself on Teja's infinite mercy, maybe, that should be a laugh."

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