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Wilford Warfstache ([personal profile] cottoncandypink) wrote in [personal profile] vyvyan 2016-10-26 09:22 pm (UTC)

As far as Wilford is concerned, Vyvyan is still where he left him – dead out in the mud outside. He know that Vyvyan is a resetter, and doesn't particularly care, though there is a bit of hope that maybe, just maybe this might be an Event. But Wilford knows better than to get attached to that hope. Vyvyan will be back eventually.

For now, he's enjoying a brief moment in the bar without Vyvyan, though. His shirt is stained with Vyvyan's blood, and there's still some smeared on his arm where he couldn't quite bother to clean himself up completely. And he doesn't care about that either, because he knows how this place works. He might get thrown back in jail for a while, but as soon as Vyvyan resets, nobody will care anymore.

Which is why he's calmly enjoying a drink at the bar right now.

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