vyvyan: (clean)
vyvyan ([personal profile] vyvyan) wrote 2016-10-26 05:28 pm (UTC)

The hair colour is the same, more or less, a little lighter with the cleaning. He rather likes the t-shirt Baby found for him. Apparently other people have more than one set of clothes.

He stares out at the lake, wondering what to do next. Maybe he could build some sort of fort in the forest and live there, just coming inside to use the bathroom facilities? It'd be cleaner than where he lives normally.

A nomad! That wouldn't be a bad career. He was never cut out to be a doctor, he knows that, really. Not really got the brains for it. Plenty of other people's brains, but what use are they in jars?

He stubs out the cigarette butt with his clean shoes, and looks at the Madness T-shirt in the October sunlight. Good choice, baby.

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