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Vyvyan leads Seras in, picking up his giant super vacuum cleaner as he goes.

"The others aren't here yet, but the lads are, how much d'you want flirting with?"
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"Do you want me to answer that truthfully?"

She had not been able to find any blue contact lenses, so she was wearing a pair of blue sunglasses. The old fashioned kind. And with that she was just wearing a pair of black pants, and a white blouse.

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She blinked at him from behind the old glasses.

"Okay," she said.
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Why? is what she wanted to ask.

"Oh no," is what she said as she rubbed her forehead with a gloved hand. Yes, she is wearing long sleeves an gloves, remember the arm thing?
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There is a Seras standing in the door of the filthy living room kitchen thing, horrified.

"Vyv, what the fuck?!" she nearly shouted, as she was quelling the urge to start cleaning.
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Seras looks at Rick over the rims of her blue glasses.

"That's right, I am Vyvyan's friend," she said.
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"He doesn't, you bastard," spat Seras back, her red eyes fairing behind her glasses, "I mean, come on he hates you, you git!"

She was rather pissed and followed Vyv up the stairs before she ripped Rick's arms off. She had totally forgotten the bag of cleaning supplies that Bar had given her in her hand. She also managed to get some booze and snacks to bring, and she had her own packet of blood.
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Seras turned around and stood in the hall.

"No, thanks," she said gulping air trying not to vomit.
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"You look.... I know bar gave me some turtle wax," she said digging through the bag as she crouched, pulling out cleaning supplies, booze, and packet of blood, 'Ah Ha!"

She had found the wax and a rag, and was ready to shine Vyv's head. He might blind someone.

The packet on the floor has a label of Medical blood. She had forgotten to get it in a thermos.
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"Depends on if I can actually see through it," said Seras laughing as she shined the top of Vyv cranium," There."

She grinned, forgetting about sharp teeth.

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She looked at it... And headed to the sink and washed it before using the glass.

Yes, she is that finicky.

"Thanks,' she said as she put the drink in the glass, it is thick and red.
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Seras sipped her drink, out in the open. Hoping she would not have to see any more Vyvyan being stupid. She was suspecting that she was going to be wrong.

She gathered the empty packet and put it in the bag with the cleaning supplies. Yay, for bag of holding.

The booze and snacks were held out to Rick.
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"Nope, I was just being nice," she said, "I can't drink or eat this stuff, so I figured I'd bring my own drink."
She was suddenly bearing some of her teeth at Rick.

"You wanna loose that arm?" She asked Mike.

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"Yes," she said, "He's a friend of mine."

Not to mention, zat you turned 'im, said a voice in her head, 'o is ziz guy? I will tear 'his arm off myself if he touches you again, my little flower.

She laughed at Pip's comments, "Anyway, my boyfriend," she screwed up her face at this as it was weird, "doesn't object. He thinks Vyv is a little thick, but he doesn't hate him."

You lie.

"You must be Mike," said Seras, "He's talked about you a bit."

again lie!

Yes, she knows more about Mike because of the blood thing.

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