flail_victoria: (Pip in her head)
flail_victoria ([personal profile] flail_victoria) wrote in [personal profile] vyvyan 2008-08-16 09:31 pm (UTC)

"Yes," she said, "He's a friend of mine."

Not to mention, zat you turned 'im, said a voice in her head, 'o is ziz guy? I will tear 'his arm off myself if he touches you again, my little flower.

She laughed at Pip's comments, "Anyway, my boyfriend," she screwed up her face at this as it was weird, "doesn't object. He thinks Vyv is a little thick, but he doesn't hate him."

You lie.

"You must be Mike," said Seras, "He's talked about you a bit."

again lie!

Yes, she knows more about Mike because of the blood thing.

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